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not on my other journal, cause i wasnt sure if everyone knows I have it yet though [18 Jun 2004|01:37am]
I have 49 collages in my room, and my job doesn't pay too much.
I never thought I'd do this, but if anyone wants to buy one, or a drawing even, that'd help me out a bit. If I know you pretty well, chances are I've made a collage about you, and maybe that's the one you want. lol
If you're interested, leave a comment.
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[15 Jun 2004|12:02am]

Hey I made a new lj



Add me please :)

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hard rock- howard roark [12 Jun 2004|05:28pm]

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If anything, we haven't seen everything [07 Jun 2004|08:40pm]
fn braid

June 15th is coming up real fast
oh yes.
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eyes of a fallen angel, eyes of a tragedy [04 Jun 2004|06:18pm]
I made six collages today when I got home.
Simplistic, yes. But I feel better.
This one has a quote from Eternal Sunshine on it (courtesy of Sam)

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[03 Jun 2004|11:32pm]
Has lyrics from "Sometimes" from Sunny Day on it. Probably one of my most personal collages in a long time.

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but it was just a paper bag [31 May 2004|12:08am]
This song reminds me of ballroom dancing with a red dress on. Well, you know.

My feet are a little sore from retro night at the skating rink, but I got to meet a nice boy named Bryan that goes to Valencia. He skates like a pro.
It was a nice going away night for Whitney. I'll miss her when she's gone.

With the help of Erin, I got quite a few CDs today. And with the help of Bob Nanna, I continue to listen to nice compilations.

I think I'm going to make a collage tonight. Sam helped me out by showing me a lot of great pictures I could use.
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[24 May 2004|02:08pm]
I made Victoria's collage last night, and a graduation present for Philip.

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[17 May 2004|08:18pm]
I'll miss you kids

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[14 May 2004|11:30pm]
Not to mention I got my four CDs from each Bob, Damon, Todd, and Mike of HM today.
Yeah. fuckin mix CDs from HEY MERCEDES, with City on Film songs and other songs unavailable elsewhere.

This is the coolest thing ever. I was beginning to think they weren't going to send them. Ah, this is awesome!
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This is a long one [14 May 2004|10:35pm]
Philip resting after a game of spoons. aww
Here's a MILLION pictures from today and last night

I fixed the sizeee
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Natalie Russell [14 May 2004|11:33am]

"I'm so ugly, that's okay, cause so are you"
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[02 May 2004|01:49pm]
Re-did a collage, and drew a little:

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[27 Apr 2004|06:59pm]
Post a memory you have of me in the comments. It can be anything you want. Then post this to your journal and see what people remember of you.
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birthday party and other pictures [18 Apr 2004|06:23pm]
Erin got me flowers for my birthday :)

The pictures are of poor quality cause this damn camera is still giving me problems. Sorry about this.

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are you happy, Mr. Superman? [18 Apr 2004|05:57pm]
I finally got the digital camera working. Here are quite a few collages from the past few months.

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[26 Mar 2004|07:14pm]
I'm planning on making a CD of some great songs from the early 90s. It doesn't have to be all one type of music, but I'm planning mostly grunge and some new wave. From Pearl Jam to Toad the Wet Sprocket, and Gin Blossoms to the Cure, if anyone has some ideas, I'd love to hear them.
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[23 Feb 2004|04:12pm]
Plans were shaky before. All rumors, I thought, and some said it was all a lie.
Well, ladies and gentlemen


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[22 Feb 2004|12:50pm]
so I know I've been told a million times that the Get Up Kids are playing in March
But they neglected to tell me they are playing with Recover and Rocky Votolato. Oh how I loved seeing them in concert, and I would do it again in a second.
And it's fucking sold out now.
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[16 Feb 2004|05:32pm]
Hey Mercedes is playing with THE FIRE THEFT, GRANDADDY, and SAVES THE DAY
But not anywhere near when I live. There is no denying that would be the coolest concert I would ever attend. I've seen Grandaddy and Saves the Day and I loved it, and The Fire Theft would be a fantastic show I'm sure, second only to Sunny Day themselves.
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